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New Year Celebrations

That’s right folks! 

You’re still probably hung-over from the Christmas party and it’s already time for the New Year celebrations…not just that, it’s also time for some serious self-realizations and self-scrutiny.
Hahahahaha – No it’s not! .You get to be crazy at this time of the year...it’s allowed and it’s fair!
We’ll come to the resolutions part in a bit, but first, let’s focus on the celebrations bit.

Across the world, people have their own unique ways of celebrating the end of the year and it’s all truly phenomenal to say the least. But what deserves special mention here is the sheer significance of the moment.
It’s really amazing how the most natural things in life are actually the pretty big moments that make our existence worthwhile. And New Year’s is the time when you need to spend a minute or two taking yourself on a quick flashback of your journey so far – the big things, the small joys, the hard days or just something as simple as the real loud laughs. Take a deep breath, get the visuals, thank the people that matter, let go of any grudges that have you bothered and take that step towards welcoming a new start…and the rest will be awesome !

New Year Celebration In India

Marine Drive, PC- Pravin Poojary

Whilst India has its own way of celebrating the year end that includes the late night partying with friends and family and in most cases, real cozy family time next to the TV sets with a load of food & drinks and some good ol’ Bollywood style dancing and singing around to go with it. And at the stroke of midnight, everybody is either too drunk or really happy to be alive and that’s how it should be really. It’s the perfect ending to the year. Speaking of endings, when you have a variety of endings across the globe, you know you don’t give enough credit to the fact that you’re alive…take it from us, guys who’ve done their research, it is freak-top amazing

Ball drop on New Year Eve at Times Square

Times Square

We all know about the ball drop at Times Square in New York City…which is pretty great and sure the fireworks take it to another level but there’re some really cool ways of celebrating New Year’s that people seem to know less of

Mexican New Year Traditions


 For instance, in Mexico, New Year’s Eve is celebrated by eating a grape with each of the twelve chimes of a clock’s bell during the midnight countdown, whilst making a wish for each one. Take that for some real fruit sport guys. Also they have colors for each wish they make – white for good health, red for overall lifestyle improvement and love etc. Well, as you can see the Mexicans sure know how to end things on a creative note – not to mention the gala turkey & pork feasts and street festivals centered on the Zocalo, the city’s main square.  

While lavish meals, visiting friends & family, fireworks and champagne are the similar trends noticed across the world at New Year’s, you’ve got to hand it over to those who quirk up the celebrations.
Like for example, in Italy, New Year’s Eve is celebrated with the observation of traditional rituals, such as wearing red underwear.
It is an ancient tradition (that has unfortunately witnessed a fall-out in recent times) that signifies the disposal of old or unused items by dropping them from the window.
Now see, the quirks are what boils up all the magic−also, Superman wears red underwear and he looks pretty happy with himself.

Dinner for one | Germany New year


 Yeah moving on, Germany celebrates by broadcasting a short comedy play in English entitled, “Dinner for one”. A famous line from the comedy sketch, “the same procedure as every year” has become a catchphrase in Germany.

Greece | New year celebration


Greece, on the other hand is a hands down favorite!
Here’s why. In Greece, when midnight arrives, the families count down and then they turn off all the lights and reopen their eyes to “enter the year with a new light”. That’s just divine. They also believe in saving some feast food for Saint Vassilis (Greek Santa Claus) during the New Year’s Eve as it is common courtesy to leave food for the traveler who visits the house to bring presents during the night.
See that folks, that’s just a glimpse of the range of uniqueness across the globe and what’s really amazing here is the fact that they all come together in happiness and hope.

The execution might be different but the ideas are all the same – to end the year on a happy note and begin the next one with great spirits.
So here’s a cheer from the posterguy, who plans to wrap up the year in all its awesomeness.
Thank you guys, for being a part of the posterguy culture. 

Let’s all have a great year ahead…CHEERS AND BEAR HUGS!

Written by Amrita Chanda



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