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Lohri Celebration
In-charge of planning the Lohri party this year?
Well, challenge accepted.
Here’s a quick list of stuff that you just cannot miss if you want to rock that party. 
VENUE: Pick a spot where you want to throw your party, preferably outdoors−the backyard fits perfectly but you can always fuel the adventure spark and drive up-to some stranded place, but remember guys, Lohri is an open to all kind of celebration that requires the whole clan to be together, hence, it would be more convenient to stick around the house.If you’re away from home and planning to celebrate with friends then the stranded destination is just as good.    
Lohri Venue
THE BONFIRE: Grab some unused or unwanted wood and some twigs, logs, leaves, sticks etc. Dig a shallow pit and surround it with bricks, because, well, you know, fire spreads. Make a pyramid with the wood logs & sticks and put in the twigs under the shadow of the pyramid. 
Get a lighter and fire it up!
Lohri Celebration
PC- bolguru.com
DEPARTMENT OF MAGIC AKA FOOD AND BEVERAGES SECTION: This section is vital. You just cannot afford to miss a beat here. It has to go well when it comes to food & drinks or else you’ll never hear the end of it. Good thing is that it’s not too difficult; you just need to be careful and generous.
You don’t wanna starve your guests…not unless you want your bonfire to turn into a roast. Yes, pun very much intended.
Moving on, the menu is pretty basic, stick to the traditional groundwork and stock up on popcorn and coke. I’m saying coke but I mean beer. Don’t forget to bring in the rewaris and til items coz you will be confronted by the homesick dude who will get drunk in your party and abuse you for messing with the essence of Lohri.
Also, get a load of chips and some non-alcoholic beverages.
Lohri food
PC- kitchenplatter.com
MUSIC: This is where you can use the innovation drug and have some fun. Get a dhol and go crazy. Sing out loud for a change and the world knows you will have more than one guys in your party who can quote Honey Singh in their sleep. Enjoy
GREAT SPIRITS: Yes, this is important. It’s a party guys. You need to have fun. Save all the sulking for Valentine’s Day and focus on the good things in life. Like friends and beer. Enjoy the cold weather and the subtle warmth of the fire. Sit around with your friends and have a good time
PC - decoist.com
DANCING SKILLS: Yeah, friends are very sweet and all that but they do know who the weak non-dancer is in the group and they can tease the crap out of you for your epic failure dance steps. Although it’s primarily a Punjabi themed party, so there shouldn’t be a problem in the dancing arena.
Punjabis are born dancers and they’re usually very nice, so they’ll probably lend you some swag. 
Lohri Dance
PC - Nonstopbhangra.com
So that’s pretty much all you need to throw and enjoy a rocking Lohri party even if you’re away from home this time.
Have a great party and don’t forget to put out the fire guys
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