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Well, it’s that time of the year again!
It’s February and that means you’re going to be seeing tons of red and fluffy things everywhere around you.
And there’ll be loads of mystic wondering regarding the much debated question of everyday being the lover’s day & all of that and no matter how much you try or how remotely associated you are with the celebrations, you will be swooped in the lover’s trauma that is, in fact−valentine’s day.
Enter, the PosterGuy, in all his awesomeness.
At PosterGuy, we’re always in support of love among other things, but this time…just this time, we’re also here for the haters.
Valentine’s Day can be just a tad bit annoying…we get that and that is precisely why you should be extra positive this year…positivity is endurance and team that up with a large size pizza & your favorite show reruns…and you’re all set for your own version of Valentine’s Day.  
Now coming back to the lot that won’t need the power of imagination this Valentine’s Day ! The lovers.
Well, there’s no reason for you to sulk, the posterguy’s always been there for you and this year, things just got fancier in the gifting arena.  
We agree that everyday should be Valentine’s Day but the world would be really broke if that were the case and if there is one such day assigned for the celebration of love, lovers and couples…then we’re not going to be the ones ruining the essence. We like love. And that liking has produced some pretty great stuff to hang on to this Valentine’s.
From Valentine theme iPhone cases to cushion covers that will melt your heart, it’s all there for you to give and receive.
It’s the season of love and what better way to express that feeling than telling them how you feel about them with these cute wonders…so go ahead people, ask them out with our classic “Be my valentine?” and “I’m crazy about you” designs.
Choose from our wide range of products designed in the name of love. Aah, love.
It’s the glue that’s been holding the world together and let us all come together in celebration of just that and more.
Happy Valentine’s Day people!
Let’s make love…lovelier.



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Amrita Chanda


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