It all began with... 

We sat staring at our walls, at our roofs as well into our lives. The same old, dull with some rare sighting of a lizard or a rat sneaking by, unmoved and unfazed by the dullness, we kept thinking what is wrong with us!! We found that although being a connoisseur of art, we have so little art around us. Most of the people like art and appreciate it but still they keep their distance from it. 

And then it struck us. "We are still sane." This world was Boring! Dull! Monotonous! It was trying to take out the souls from our bodies.  So we decided to restore the balance in the world. So one day we wore our war clothes, tied up our shoes and started on a long journey of Himalayas in search of Design( Well at least  we thought we should try).We had to do something, The void of art in our lives created the desire in us and next thing we know PosterGuy was born.  

"Design is how it works" Steve Jobs once said 

He said it, we searched for it. For days and nights, talking to numerous people, visiting haunted places (not really!!) we finally found the treasure. Enlightened souls we were. And we came back to being Earthly beings to share the experience with you and take the dullness out of your lives, filling it with the stuff to relate to as well as connect. We believe that what we create at PosterGuy is for people who have the similar vision and belief for art that we do.  


The Team at PosterGuy 

Although we have a small team at PosterGuy, but we firmly believe in taking up big challenges all by ourselves. We work hard and harder to provide the best to art lovers. From the initial designs to the final product, and  shipment process, everything is handled meticulously by our team. We also enable the designers to sell their products at our website, creating a platform for designers, So that they have to do what they love that is design. 

Some may say it is very small or crowded place, but we know that we are doing some great work when we hear people talking about our products and telling us about our own products. We are elated to read the reviews by the customers and this drives us to work more passionately.

Our Process 

Art we create and bring to the art lovers is not just a product. We believe art is a process. We stand on three fundamental pillars, and they are Create, Iterate and Launch. We stand by these fundamentals to ensure that we deliver what we promise to our customers and stick to our mantra at the same time that is to art-ify this boring world we live in. 

As one of our beloved anchor once said "Never ever, Never ever ever.............." you would stare again at your walls think you are going mad or you would feel alone. Cause we create stuff you are gonna love to own. 



Our Partners